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Boxer Dog and Kidney Problems

Preventing kidney damage is key to your Boxer's survival.

If you suspect your Boxer may have kidney trouble, take him to the veterinarian for aggressive treatment.

Remember the concern over too much grapes or raisins is toxic for dogs and could ruin their kidneys?

Aggressive treatment in such poisoning cases mean, if your Boxer had just overindulged in the grapes/raisins, the doctor will induce vomiting immediately and prescribe some activated charcoal pills.

There will be repeated blood tests to determine the status of kidney function plus hospitalization and intravenous fluid therapy if necessary.

The induced vomiting is to remove as much grapes or raisins as possible while the activated charcoal is to help prevent absorption of the toxic substance.

Two days of intravenous fluid therapy is often recommended to help prevent damage to the kidneys.

Blood test is usually repeated after 48 hours and 5 to 7 days to ensure the kidneys are functioning within the normal range.

Where kidney damage has occurred, the intravenous fluid therapy shall continue until blood tests indicate the kidneys have returned to normal function again.

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